PHILIP is an imaginative young boy who lives in the countryside. Being surrounded by the great outdoors he loves playing while everything he sees and experiences becomes an adventure.

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Philip discovers that with the help of his toys he can create extraordinary adventures out of very ordinary events.

One afternoon as Philip is playing next to the little stream behind the house, he awakens to find himself on a heroic adventure.

Philip is taken on a journey full of mystery and apparent danger. Each moment, he dives further into a new and magical sphere. These fantasy filled expeditions include; ferocious dragons, damsels in distress, smelly trolls, sea serpents, mermaids, dinosaurs, fierce gorillas, hungry snakes, cowboys and Indians, brave knights, pirates and their buried gold, sharp toothed sharks and long legg’d octopi, a haunted house, huge snow monsters in the mountains and even aliens from outer space! Will Philip (our hero) survive and save the princess or be eaten by the dragon?


Every page leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.


“An Adventurous Tale,” is an action packed series of adventures where the child gets to be the hero. This story inspires children of all ages. As kids discover the fun and creative side of being young, they realize that fantasy can take them anywhere. If you would like to help make this project get off to a great start please feel free to donate here. Every dollar donated will go directly to making this happen.

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Checkout some of the breath taking illustrations that are being used!

The Dragon © PhilWilson   The Troll © PhilWilson   Pirate's Gold © Phil Wilson   Haunted House © Phil Wilson   Middle Earth © Phil Wilson   Aliens from space © Phil Wilson   Under-The-Sea © Phil Wilson   Himalayas © Phil Wilson

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